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Tips to Find the Perfect Personalized Gift

The one thing people look for is what the top holiday gifts are, what trends are and personalized gifts. These can be gifts including comfortable or holiday themed clothing, computers or accessories, and other categories. Then there is the personalized type of gifts that could be Candy Boxes with goodies selected for a specific person. Personalized presents may include monogrammed items for adults and children. Monogrammed items for children make it less likely the gift will be lost. These can be special personal gifts for newlyweds or college students in dorms. There are some tips to find the right gift when shopping especially when looking for ones that are personalized. There are many ideas and surfaces that can be made personal when gift giving including:

1. Color is key when having a gift monogrammed. It's important for clothing, towels, pillows or other material items pleasing appearance adding a name can make it personal. This is where color makes a difference; a name embroidered in a contrasting color will cause it to stand out, without changing the integrity of the items.

2. Lettering is one thing that should be considered in monogramming. Many items offering this type of thing have a limit to a number of characters allowed per line. Knowing this can alleviate calls from company representatives or even worse words that are done wrong, off center and with other issues.

3. Engraving is another way to personalize an item that is not made of cloth material. Rather this is for glass, metal, wood and other hard materials to put names, initials, verses or any other words. This is permanent and will not wear away over time.

4. Images are another way to personalize a gift. Photos can be transposed on many surfaces like cloth, plastic, glass, wood, and others. This can be a favorite location, animal, family or child that would make it personalized for the person that will receive the gift. The other unique thing photos can be used on is Candy Boxes, trinket, jewelry boxes, phone, and glass cases.

Planning a Personal Gift

5. Personalized gifts take extra time if anything other than a keychain or necklace with a name on it. Names embroidered, photo images placed on a surface or engraving means special ordering so it should be done early. The one advantage is today it is faster to receive the personalized items than in the past.

More Personalized Ideas

6. Size is something to consider, whether it is a t-shirt, blanket, jewelry box or another item. Some items bought for gifts should be size specific, while others the size depends on what the person buying it decides they like.

7. A unique idea that is personal and cannot be found in a store or shopping on the internet is a coupon book or story. The coupon book can be romantic, helpful or fun giving more than one chance to provide a personal gift. There is no limit on what the coupons can include or how many coupons are included. This is a perfect gift for someone that has everything or a person who is difficult to buy a present.

8. Other ideas can be something simple like a personalized keychain or jewelry. But it can be something needed by the person like children's furniture. But it can be something the person would not think to buy him or herself like special Candy Boxes or jewelry boxes.

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